How to Replace the Injector on a 1984 300 ZX

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    • 1). Start the engine and remove the fuse for the fuel pump in the fuse box. Allow the engine to stall and crank the engine to ensure that it will not start. Turn the ignition off once you have removed all of the fuel from the fuel system. Replace the fuse for the fuel pump.

    • 2). Detach the electrical connector from the fuel injector, and disconnect the wiring harness from the wiring clamp on the fuel pipe. Remove the hose from the cover on the rocker arm. Disconnect the vacuum hose from the pressure regulator and detach the pipe to the air regulator.

    • 3). Place a shop towel under the fuel pipe to catch spilled fuel. Disconnect the fuel feed line and fuel return line from the fuel pipe.

    • 4). Remove the bolts for the fuel pipe and the retaining screws for the fuel injector with a socket wrench. Detach the entire fuel injector assembly from the engine, including the fuel injectors, fuel pipe and pressure regulator. Release the clamps for the hose on the fuel pipe and separate the fuel pipe from the fuel injector.

    • 5). Inspect the new insulator washers for the fuel injector to ensure they have no abrasions. Install the new insulator washers to the new fuel injector so they form an airtight seal. Install the new fuel injectors by reversing steps two through four. Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.

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