5 Ways To Build A Responsive List

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A responsive list can be hard to obtain.
You cannot just use any list building technique that will produce large numbers of subscribers.
This is the biggest mistake that many publishers make.
They erroneously believe that the bigger their list is, the better it will be.
This is simply not true.
Of course to get results you need to have a reasonably big list, but you can start getting results with a list of as little as 500-700 subscribers if you have a responsive list.
How do you really build a responsive list? The key to success, as in all marketing, is to target your market and build your list with subscribers who are interested in your newsletter and the offers you are making.
Here are 5 ways to help you:
  1. Asubscription box on your website: The best way to build you list is tohave a subscription box on your website, and drive large amounts oftargeted traffic to your site.
    Visitors who sign up will be some of yourmost targeted subscribers and ultimately, your most responsive readers.
    When you set up a subscription box you will be putting your sign ups onautopilot.
  2. Swappingsubscription boxes with other related businesses: swapping subscriptionboxes with related businesses is a great method for getting responsivesubscribers.
    Your partners' website should have a reasonable amount oftraffic and the business should be related to yours.
    Be careful not toswap subscription boxes with your competitors.
  3. GoogleAdWords: This method of advertising will give you some of the mosttargeted subscribers, who will really be interested in your offers.
    Itwill be well worth the investment.
    The trick is to use targeted keywordsto bring in the most responsive subscribers.
  4. Articledistribution: This is another powerful way to bring a lot of greatsubscribers to your newsletter.
    You can put a link in the bio of yourarticle for your squeeze page to encourage sign ups.
    The way to do this isto make sure that your articles attract people who will also enjoy yournewsletter.
    Try to make these articles very informative so that they willmake your reader curious to know more and sign up for your newsletter
  5. Advertising:You can put classified ads on related websites, with a good amount oftraffic.
    You can also advertise in targeted ezines or even do ad swaps.
    Advertising can be a little expensive but in the right places will bring alot of good subscribers who will over time convert well and become yourcustomers.
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