Having a Dog Door

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Every dog deserves a dog door to get in and out of their own home.
However, the mere thought of installation should give you pause due to the security implications.
A few simple precautions are all it takes to make your home a little more secure and counteract the effects that installing a new dog door or lock or something similar might have on your security in your own home.
The thing about a dog door that you really need to think about first is the size of that thing.
You want something that is large enough for Fido, but you don't want it so big that a person could fit through and get access to your home.
If you can fit through it, then it is way too big.
Also think about not just height but also width of the door.
If your dog is big, you will need something that is a little wider than might be normal for a small dog.
That makes sense because big dogs are bigger than the smallest dogs are.
But weight also matters.
Take into mind that you can always make your dog door bigger, but it is a real hassle to make a dog door smaller, if that's even possible (and it might not be).
Another issue has to do with the location of the door.
This indicates the location within the normal door as well as the location on the house of the door.
You can put a dog door in the front, but generally the back door is the place to go.
Make sure to position the flap of the dog door in just the right way.
If it's too high, your dog can't get in.
If it's too low, your dog may have to scoot.
If it's too far to a side or another, a person might be able to get their arm in and steal stuff.
There are also different styles of door to think about as you make your selections.
There are regular flaps.
But there are also flaps with settings for how and when they can open.
There are settings that set when a door can open, and whether the flap goes in or out.
These are things to think about when you pick your door.
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