How to Make Him Hungry For You

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Use the principles of nature to your advantage when it comes to men and dating.
If you go without food for more than 8 hours, you're going to start wanting to fill that hunger.
If you go without food for 24 hours, foods that you're not into seem to appeal to you.
The is the same for most things in life.
We often want what we cannot have and we hunger for the things that we don't have.
Use this technique in your dating life and you'll increase the attraction men has for you.
But how do you go about it? You respond with interest but CREATE enough space so men can pursue you.
Men will often respond better when they have enough distance because they are wired to pursue.
This may not be easy for plenty of women.
Some feel so liberated that they begin to take charge.
Wonder why it's not working for them...
How you relate to men has a lot to do with how secure you are on the inside.
You must trust in your ability to be an amazing woman and if certain men don't find that appealing, so what.
You can't be attractive to every single man! If you are currently dating a man and you want to know how to take your relationship to the next level, give him some intellectual challenge by igniting his subconscious switch to DESIRE you.
You can do this by learning how to get inside a man's mind.
Getting inside a man's mind to know what he's thinking has less to do with what he tells you and more to do with you.
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