Eating Dinner the Right Way With Alaskan Crab

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There are a lot of people who have grown bored of the way dinner gets presented night after night at home.
If so, you are probably suffering from too much of the same thing.
Mixing it up in the kitchen is the cook of the house's responsibility, so you cannot forget that when you are shopping or preparing your meals.
Here are some ideas for shaking things up with one of nature's treasures, Alaska King Crab.
Crab Fettuccine: Pasta can get boring fast when you are using the same old canned tomato sauce and the same old penne rigatoni.
How can you make that big of a difference? For starters, put the red sauce behind for one day and try something with cream.
Seafood goes very well with this presentation.
In fact, all you have to do is take the crab meat and put them in a pan with olive oil, garlic, cream and some Parmesan cheese.
The sauce will speak for itself, while the pasta takes no directions.
Using spinach fettuccine is a nice touch.
The crab stir fry: While Alaska King Crab is one of the most coveted of the species, you can still make a great meal with it in the simplest way.
Simply get together some of the usual suspects in stir frying.
On the list should be mushrooms, peppers, onions, green peas in the pods and of course have your crab legs waiting.
If you are buying them frozen, make sure they have plenty of time to thaw out.
Cooks recommend using a bit of cornstarch as well as your olive oil and a clove of garlic when doing your stir fry.
It helps add to the consistency and keep everything from falling apart.
King Crab Louis Salad: The crab that is fit for a king gets the royal treatment in this dish, certain to please the most finicky of lunch guests when you need a change of pace.
Simply get your crab legs cut into pieces that look about 3 inches long.
You can spend the rest of your energy laying out asparagus, hard boiled eggs, cucumber and tomato.
The dressing consists of just mayonnaise, chili sauce, green onion and lime juice.
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