Common Distractions

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The common distractions that people are facing could affect their lives.
As we do not have much time in this world, everyone should have been focusing on living their life with quality.
What causes them to be distracted? 1.
Social Networking Sites, like Facebook, Twitter might take all their time away.
They did not realise that they spend hours and hours with social networking sites on updating, viewing others profile, pictures etc.
I know that social networking sites is really very important, however, spending your heart and soul in it is absolutely wrong.
Gaming, no offence for the gamers, but if you ask yourself right now, at the end of the day, as you going higher and higher in levels of that game you played, what will it benefit you, nothing.
Nobody can stop you for playing games, but to be as wise as possible; your time spending on games should be moderate.
Mobile Phones not many people have problem with this, as time pass, people are becoming more and more addicted with their mobile phones due to the improvement of technology.
Great functions phone like Samsung Galaxy, I-Phone 3GS, I-Phone 4 etc that have lots of application might make us addicted to it.
Surfing the net, some people might end up being lost because not all information in a website is reliable.
Tips to overcome this problem.
Life should be in a quality way, nobody could take away your will on doing things, but your day should not be wasted.
We had a great future and hope to achieve dreams.
Make a decision to start something great - like starting a business, build up your body, start training your singing, check out the latest fashionable clothing etc, start doing things that will benefit you.
Friends - make new friends, hang out with friends is really healthy, but be sure that you are happy to be with your friends.
If you hang out with group of people who are insane or maybe you always felt offended is best to leave them.
Schedule your time - time management is very important, if you are aware that time is precious, you would not waste it.
Relationship - with your love ones, like your family, being together with them always.
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