3 Online Dating Profile Tips

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Online dating can be an exciting world.
Think about it.
From the comfort of your own home, you're suddenly able to meet thousands of local singles of the opposite gender.
Where else can you do things like this with such ease? Nowhere really, not even at a bar.
There's a lot of fun to be had in the world of online dating, but how much fun you have might depend on how well you set up your profile.
Here are three tips that I'd like to give you, from my own personal experience.
Following these should give you a nice boost in the number of contacts you'll make, and ultimately the number of dates you'll have.
Always make sure to include more than one profile picture.
Anyone including just one is seen as suspect by most site members.
They'll think you either had a really good picture taken that couldn't be produced again, or that it was taken at some kind of angle that hides some other flaw about you.
Make your profile stand out.
Don't be generic, don't try too hard to look cool, just be yourself.
At the same time, people read hundreds of these a day so you'll want to somehow make yours different to make a lasting impression.
Be straightforward about what you're looking for.
If you do this, it'll save everyone time down the line.
Someone who feels they fit that description will also be happy to know that they do, and they might contact you for it.
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