How to Cover a Birthmark With Makeup

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Begin by applying a light, water-based foundation over the entire area. Blend the edges well and avoid using too much. Using too much will result in an over-made look, and may even lead to a bad complexion.

Carefully choose the right color of concealer. This will depend on the color of the birthmark. For a blue or purple tinted birthmark, a yellowish concealer will work the best. For a birthmark that is basically flesh colored but just darker than the natural skin tone, use a concealer that matches the skin tone but is at least two shades lighter. For a light pink birthmark, use a concealer that matched the natural skin tone. For a wine-colored birthmark, use a concealer that is flesh colored but a shade lighter and tinted yellow.

Dab the concealer onto the birthmark. If using a creamy concealer, let it dry for a few moments before blending.

Blend the concealer carefully. Do not wipe it off, and do not spread the concealer outside the lines of the birthmark.

Powder the entire area well. This will keep the makeup in place. For the most natural look, use a translucent powder.
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